Thursday, February 19, 2009

McCants Traded, College Hoops Shizzle

The Rashad McCants era in Minnesota came to an end today when he along with Calvin Booth were traded to Sacramento for Sheldon "Mr. Candace Parker" Williams and Bobby Brown. This trade was an exchange of scraps for the most part. All four players in the deal have expiring contracts and it is unlikely that any of them will stay with their new teams beyond this season.
McCants, with his selfish offensive play along with his horrible defense, wore out his welcome in Minnesota. He has proven to be a coaches nightmare for as long as he's been in the public spotlight. He got Matt Doherty fired. It is widely know that he wasn't one of Roy Williams favorites. He could never get into Dwayne Casey's rotation. Randy Whitman had little patience with him and Kevin McHale finally sent him to the bench for good.
McCants will likely join the likes of Ndudi Ebi, William Avery and others in the Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Pick Hall of Shame. It stings Wolves fans even more due to the fact that they passed on Danny Granger to select McCants.
McCants does have some ability. He has shown flashes of being a productive scorer. The key for McCants being able to survive in the NBA will be a major attitude adjustment. He's going to have to commit to playing some defense, become a more unselfish player on offense, and get along with his coaches. In the right system, Rashad just might be able to make something of his career. It just doesn't look good right now.
Although McCants time in Minnesota was largely unproductive, here are some of my favorite Rashad McCants moments:
  • As a rookie, Rashad threw down a nasty dunk on Marcus Camby...but received his second technical for taunting.

  • Another nice dunk by Rashad on Jason Maxiel and Amir Johnson....Shad was also hit with a T following this dunk. Do you see what I mean about his attitude problems?

  • Rashad assists Gerald Green with the cupcake dunk

  • Earlier this year, after Carmelo Anthony hung 33 on the Wolves in the 3rd quarter, he was interviewed on Sportscenter by Neil Everett. Everett asked Melo if he was trash talking any of the Wolves during his scoring spree. Anthony responded with the following: "I don't really get into the trash talk but one of they players, McCants, was talking at me in the 2nd quarter and I told him I was gonna' have something for him in the 2nd half." Credit McCants with pissing off Melo provoking him to tie the NBA record for points in a quarter.

  • Here's a hobby McCants picked up while he was busy NOT working on his game.

    Farewell Rashad, I'm sure you will find all the shots you need in Sacramento.

College Hoops Shizzle

  • In case you missed it yesterday, and I pray to God that you did, Penn State was held to 38 point for an entire game.....AND THEY WON!!! They beat Illinois at illinois 38-33 making it the 2nd time Illinois has been held in the 30's this year in the Big 10. Big 10 basketball makes me want to puke, become a hockey fan, and move out of the Midwest.

  • More reasons why Duke is not a good pick in this years tournament; they have no point guard and no big man.

  • I know what Kyle Singler should be for Halloween next year...

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